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Stitch Guide

All of my patterns include great external links from other creatives to help you with things like stitches and finishing your hoops but as I have developed more patterns, I realised that I wanted to give you a more personal experience and show you how I do certain things. 

I'll be adding to this library of stitches and 'how to' guides over the coming months but for now, here are three of my most commonly used stitches in my patterns, which you can find on Etsy!

This is a brilliant stitch for outlining things. I use it to give my realistic animal ears a nice raised edge that I can sew into and make it seem to pop slightly from the fabric.

I use this stitch for my fur and feathers. It is the perfect stitch for filling large areas but if you remember to follow the direction of the hair or fur growth with your stitches, you will see exactly why it is so good for realistic animal embroidery.


It is also perfect for colour blending and shading.

I use this stitch ALL the time. I use it for eyes, the comb on my small rooster pattern, the middle of my daisies.

There are so many uses for this lovely stitch.


It's an awkward little monster to master for some, I still, after all these years of embroidery mess it up!

bullion knot.JPG

This stitch has so much texture and it's perfect for the fringe on my highland cattle or the mane of my giraffe momma. You can also find it in my 'Les Onions' embroidery pattern for the spring onion stalks!

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