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Do you want to commission a piece?

I now offer hand embroidered, highly detailed portraits of any animal, a realistic but artistic interpretation of your much loved pet or favourite animal.

These pieces usually take between 40 and 80 hours to complete.

This is the perfect gift for any dog and cat owners or even just that person who is crazy about a particular animal. How about a quirky animal embroidery for that safari themed nursery or the jungle themed playroom? Or the farm kitchen that needs a rambunctious Rooster?

I use 100% solid colour cotton fabrics and sew with one strand of DMC embroidery floss. I back the hoop with high quality felt, neatly stitched into place with a contrasting thread. The hoops are available in sizes 5inches up to 8inches and are bamboo or wood that are stained a variety of natural shades, including Mahogany, Walnut and Cherry. I also have some that are a green, blue (and other colours) wash stain.

They arrive with a co-ordinating ribbon to enable you to hang the piece on your wall. If you would like to get the piece framed yourself, please let me know before I start your piece as I will leave it surrounded by lots of fabric, to enable the framer to put it securely into the frame of your choice.

Your piece will take between 2 to 6 weeks depending on my current work schedule. Prices start at $175. 

Please send me an email or go to my Etsy shop for more information.

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